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Otome Games for DS - in English!

DS games with otome and GxB elementsMost otome games from Japan never get translated into English, but there are a few interesting GxB DS games that do.

We will try to list GxB games and games with otome elements for nintendo DS here, from unconventional otome games such as Princess Debut (that supplements the usual dialogue-choice dating sim mechanic with rhythm / dancing minigames) to RPGs where you can play as a girl and there are plenty of "catchable" guys (Avalon Code).

These games can serve as a nice introduction to otome games in general to those not familiar with the genre since they contain lots of elements from other types of games. Some of them seem to be aimed at younger players, but are nevertheless fun enough for older gamers to enjoy as well.




Princess Debut, a rhythm otome game for DS

Princess Debut

A girl gets transported to Flower Kingdom, an alternate dimension where she is a princess and the boys from her school are princes. You have 30 days to practice dancing and find a prince to be your partner for the prestigious Ball of Saint-Lyon!

The game has two main aspects: dance lessons and the adventure / story part where you go around and interact with characters. There are lots of different endings and five eligible Princes.

One of this games's notable features: the illustration was done by Kotori Momoyuki, a manga author whose work is published in the famous shojo manga magazine Nakayoshi.

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Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns, a DS game with plenty of romance options

Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns DS

Harvest Moon is a farming and romance simulation series by Natsume and one of the rare example of a whole series of games with romance options for girls being translated into English!

Harvest Moon mostly revolves around taking care of your farm and building relationships, with marriage and even offspring being an option in addition to romance. It's one of the rare series where you can play through the life after that initial "catch"! The whole marriage-and-kids system differs from game to game and there are usually plenty of guys to choose from. Pictured on the left is the newest DS game in the series, The tale of Two Towns.

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Avalon Code - RPG with dating options

Avalon Code

Another game where you can choose to play as a girl and pursue boys (and, in the case of this RPG, elemental spirits).

Tia has been having nightmares about the end of the world. She soon learns she is the chosen one who must record everything in the world using the Book of Prophecy.

This takes her on many adventures, encountering heroes and spirits along the way. You can woo them by talking, giving them presents and (in the case of spirits) using their kind of magic. Being the chosen one, you can change things in the game world by switching "codes". Some of the guys have a psychological fault that needs to be "fixed" by applying correct codes!

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Atelier Annie, an RPG / simulation game with romance elements

Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island

A cross between an RPG and a sim, with some visual novel elements.

Annie is running an alchemist shop, gathering materials and adventuring. She's trying to become the best at her profession so she can marry a prince.

This game has a girl protagonist and plenty of boys, but there are no dating sim elements (although some characters give the slightest hint of romantic interest in Annie).

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