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dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~

Tags: game | GxB | otome | roseVeRte | school setting | stat raising | visual novel

dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ Mystery Otome Game

Yukina seems like an ordinary high school student, but she's actually hiding a big secret that makes her lie to everyone around her. She seems to be dating the most popular guy in school, but it's all just a cover so she can spy on him! She doesn't even know why she has to do this, but it was an order from someone very important to her and she's determined not to disappoint him.

The game features a combined visual novel / stat raising system: you don't have to raise the main character's stats to capture the first two datable characters, but the kind of ending you get does depend on your other stats. There are also two hidden routes that require high stats.






  • stat raising
  • 15 endings
  • 67 event CGs
  • 2 hidden routes
  • The newly added "Hint" feature makes completing the game easier. 


Windows VersionWindows Version: Download Demo or Get It Now ($20.00)

Mac Version: Download Demo or Get It Now ($20.00)

Linux Version: Download Demo or Get It Now ($20.00)