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Date Warp

Tags: game | GxB | Hanako Games | minigames | mystery | otome | romance | supernatural | visual novel

Supernatural mystery romance sim.

Supernatural Mystery Otome Game

Janet is a freshmen in college, and out on a blind date with a boy named Bradley. Her date doesn't go as planned and during a storm they both end up trapped in a huge, mysterious mansion with four young men who seem to be hiding something.

Decisions in the plot are determined by solving a puzzle that involves connecting pieces of pipe to light up the path leading to the action you want to choose. These puzzles can be skipped on replay for choices you've already made.







  • 11 endings
  • 5 obtainable characters
  • puzzles


Windows Version: Download Demo or Get It Now ($9.95)

Mac Version: Download Demo or Get It Now ($9.95)

Linux Version: Download Demo or Get It Now ($9.95)