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Otome games for Android Smartphones and other Android OS devices. All games listed here have an English version available.

Otome Games for android - New

First Love Diaries

First Love Diaries

A new game by Voltage Inc.

"It’s the spring of your junior year in high school. A boy you know just asked you to go out with him and... Before you know it, you've got your first boyfriend! But there are many more “firsts” to experience just around the corner!"

First Love Diaries at Google Play


Alice in the Heart

Alice in the Heart - Wonderful Wonder World

An English version of Heart no Kuni no Alice is now available on Android!

Alice in the Heart at Google Play


My Sweet Proposal

My Sweet Proposal

A new game by OKKO.

"As a wedding planner, you are always thinking of other people's happiness but, is this person suddenly appearing in your life a sign of destiny ?!

A self-confident son of a rich family, a famous wedding designer, or an ex-boyfriend... Will you be able to get a marriage proposal ?"

My Sweet Proposal at Google Play


Devil in My Arms -dating sim-

Devil in My Arms

Koyonplete's newest dating sim is written for English speakers, by a British writer, and the story is set in England.

Devil in My Arms is a story about a forbidden affair between a teacher and his student. The two don't believe in love, but eventually end up falling for each other, while struggling to keeping their relationship hidden from society.

There is also a comment system where players can express their feelings or communicate with other players (this option can be turned off in the settings).

Note: the maturity content for this game is high as it is intended for mature audience.

Devil in My Arms at Google Play


Miranda's Choice - romance game for girls

Miranda's Choice

The Android version of NMG2's romance sim.

Miranda spent most of her life living peacefully on a small island. Her only company are her father, a magic being who serves him, and a man who has been living on the island even longer than her. One day, a violent storm brings new people into her life...

The game features a three romanceable characters. Each story has two endings: normal and happy.

The prologue is free, and each route costs 3.99USD.

Miranda's Choice at Google Play


Scarlet Fate+ Fragments of the Past

Shall we Date?: Scarlet Fate+ Fragments of the Past

Set against the backdrop of the Heian period Japan: A sacred, snow-covered village has kept a sword with the power to bring the world to an end. A young maiden of a shrine is fated to seal the Sword’s power and protect it. She has spent her days since childhood being tormented by her sins, and has faced them in loneliness. 

This is a collaboration between Idea Factory/Otomate and NTT Solmare!

The game is nominally free.

Scarlet Fate+ Fragments of the Past at Google Play


The Bride of Vampire - otome game

The Bride of Vampire

A game by Aeriebell Inc., fully voiced in Japanese.

A dating sim for girls, featuring vampires!

The prologue is free, and each route costs 3.99USD.

The Bride of Vampire at Google Play


Otome Games for Android in 2012

A list of this year's otome games for Android Smartphones and other Android OS devices.

See Otome Games for Android in 2011 for older games.


Love Academy Love Academy for Android

Love Academy is a new dating stimulation game by KOYONPLETE, Inc., the creators of “Purelove”.

The heroine is an ordinary girl is attending Moulin Academy, a high school for outstanding students from around the world. Beneath the fireworks at a masquerade party, an unexpected romantic encounter takes place.

This game is available in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Love Academy at Google Play



Winter In Fairbrook

Another Android port of an otome game for PC by Winter Wolves.

The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook is a dating and farming simulation game.

Natalie is a college student spending her winter break working in a flower shop in a small town and making new friends.

Winter In Fairbrook at Google Play



Be My Princess for GREEBe My Princess for GREE

A new game from Voltage Inc., with new features like customizing your avatar and your room.

The heroine is a young fashion designer who after being asked to deliver a dress to a palace, falls in love with one of the six princes she meets there. The forbidden romance between a prince and a commoner inevitably causes a scandal.

The game utilizes GREE, a social gaming network app.


Be My Princess for GREE at Google Play

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Otome Games for Android in 2011

A list of otome games for Android Smartphones and other Android OS devices that came out in 2011. See Otome Games for Android in 2012 for newer games.


MoteMote -Love story for Girls, Android versionMoteMote -Love story for Girls

A romance simulation game for girls by DualSolution Co.,Ltd.

Three boys are constantly fighting over you. Choose between a courteous and considerate class president, a star of the local basketball club who happens to be your childhood friend and an easy-going transfer student.

The game is available in both English and Japanese.


MoteMote -Love story for Girls at Google Play


BAD GIRL: Prom Night for AndroidBAD GIRL: Prom Night

Bad Girl: Prom Night is one in a series of romance games by the same developer (Witchcraft Studios) featuring a teenage girl looking for dates with attractive boys. The game offers choices (much like a visual novel) and a dancing minigame.

Both the art style and the narrative are quite different form the usual Japanese and Japanese-inspired otome games.


BAD GIRL: Prom Night at Google Play


Pirates in Love on AndroidPirates in Love

An Android port of a popular otome game.

The heroine accidentally joins a group of pirates - she's the only woman on board! This is the debut game in the Voltage's “Romance Sims” series. The game features a varied cast of romanceable characters with personalities ranging from kind to blunt, as well as multiple endings.


Pirates in Love at Google Play

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