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Shinsen Renki

Shinsen RenkiShinsen Renki is a new visual novel for girls  by Think Pink, the team that produced MoteMote. Available for iPhone.

App description:

In lternative reality EDO and Shinsen-gumi! Who would you choose to work with? 

The Shinsen-gumi is an organization to protect EDO. And you are going to be the deputy commander of the shinsen-gumi! 

You'll start a new life with strong, unique and attractive team members. 

This is a historical-fantasy dating game. Each character has a ten chaptered story. 

The ending will change depending on your answers!


More Android games from Koyonplete

"Love Academy -Yaoi story-" (a BxB spin-off of Love Academy) was released on Android on Christmas. Here's a CG from the game, exclusively on otome-games.com:

a BxB spin-off of Love Academy

In other news, the revival version of "Pure Love", KOYONPLETE's first work, has been re-released on Android. The story features a girl who is studying abroad in Japan when she is suddenly scouted into Japan's world of show business and becomes the light that shines on the darkness that the idols possess.

Top 5 otome games in 2012

Here is the list of top-selling PC games on otome-games.com in 2012:

  1. Yojinbo
  2. X-note
  3. Magical Diary
  4. Date Warp
  5. Always Remember Me

Let's hope 2013 brings even more otome games!

Yo-Jin-Bo, still the most popular otome game for PC.X-noteMagical DiaryDate WarpAlways Remember Me

Love Academy on iPhone

Love Academy by KOYONPLETE, Inc.

Love Academy, a dating sim by KOYONPLETE, Inc. (the creators of “Purelove”) is now available for iPhone, too. It even has a new feature: CG collection system.

A Korean language version is coming soon, so if you have any Korean friends, let them know! In other news, "Love Academy BL story" (a spin-off) for Android and iPhone should be available in December.

New Review: Shall We Date? Ninja Love

A review of Shall We Date? Ninja Love, a ninja-themed otome game for iPhone and Android by NTT Solmare.

"Shall We Date?" is a series of themed romance games.



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