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New game: Roommates (Anne's Story)

A new dating sim by Winter Wolves is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Roommates: Anne's Story is a light-hearted college life dating sim. Anne is a freshman, sharing her dorm life with five other tenants.

New game: It's Our Secret

Accela,inc, the makers of Forbidden Love, have a new Android game: It's Our Secret.

Backstage Pass is now on Steam Greenlight

The showbiz otome game by Sakevisual is currently up for voting in Steam's Greenlight section. The Greenlight page also features a trailer with gameplay and animation provided by Studio DEEN (Hakuouki, Hiiro no Kakera, Hetalia).

The Seal of Lycoris available for Android

KOYONPLETE Inc. released "The Seal of Lycoris" series on Android!

"The Seal of Lycoris" series is a suspense story that tells an intertwined fate of a girl between a vampire, a human, and a fox spirit.

Yuie, the fox spirit

"It is my destiny to protect you..."

-A bright and outgoing spirit that no one can understand his true intentions-

He will always have a smile on his face and no one can ever estimate his bottom line. His original form, Nine Tails, is the highest rank of the fox spirits. What is the reason that makes him chasing after the vampire, Cain, for more than 1000 years?

Cain, the vampire

”The Maiden of Lycoris is mine...”

-A distant and cold vampire that seeks for his demise-

A lonely vampire who has lived for a very long time. His strength is unmatched and he has never met any formidable opponents. What is the drama between him and Yuei for the last 1000 years? What will be the outcome between the two of them?

Tomoyuki, the "human"

"I'm the only one you can trust..."

-A calm and considerate intellect-

He is the heroine's relative, a neighbour, and simply put - a childhood friend. There are two things he kept as secrets to the heroine. The first one is a line that he cannot cross... And the other one is something that Tomoyuki has held within the depth of his soul ever since he was a child....


iPhone version is coming soon!

New game: Nicole (Otome version)

A new dating sim by Winter Wolves is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Nicole is a dating sim with a mystery element. It mainly revolves around the day-to-day life of a college student.


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