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Otome Games Need Your Help

This week, two otome games need your help with funding.

KOYONPLETE announced a new Otome game project "Magical School Lovers" and they need your support to translate the story into English.

Indiegogo campaign"Magical School Lovers" by Koyonplete


 "CHANGE!" by Meowl only has two weeks left.

Kickstarter campaign

L'Amour Interdit

Accela,Inc. released a French version of "Forbidden Love".

The main love interest is you stepbrother, but butler and boss are also an option. The game is available on Google Play.

French version of

New Android Game: Miranda's Choice

NMG2 Limited released "Miranda's Choice" on Android!

The prologue is free, and each route cost 3.99USD.

Miranda's Choice (Android version)Miranda's Choice (Android)

Character Profiles

The noble prince – Ferdinand

Polite and considerate, but also a little impulsive.
“I want to make you my queen.”

The loyal childhood friend – Caliban

He’s strong and kind, but has a passionate side as well.
“I will always protect you.”

The mischievous air spirit – Ariel

A confident and playful air spirit that doesn't really care about humans.
“There is only one thing I value more than my freedom.”

New game: Roommates (Anne's Story)

A new dating sim by Winter Wolves is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Roommates: Anne's Story is a light-hearted college life dating sim. Anne is a freshman, sharing her dorm life with five other tenants.

New game: It's Our Secret

Accela,inc, the makers of Forbidden Love, have a new Android game: It's Our Secret.

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